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Unprotected sex with csw

Hello everyone,

I made a big mistake. Had unprotected sex with a lady with unknown status for a few minutes.

I started Emtricitabine/Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate (Truvada) within 12 hours

However, I am worried since most PEP is a combination of three drugs.

Is Truvada only sufficient?

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Your question has been answered that a 4th generation duo test taken at 28 days or more is reliable.

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Hi there,

If the sex only lasted a few minutes, that does run in your favor. Who gave you  the PEP? Was is from a proper clinic?
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I got it from a pharmacy after speaking with a healthcare provider
Then follow their instructions. Your risk wasnt that high and im sure youll be ok
@sillymistake87   Thank you for the feedback. Taking the drug and praying for God's mercy in my life.  
Here is my progress report,

I started PEP as soon as possible (under 18 hours)
To another pill under 7 hours to fix It on a chosen regular cycle
I have been taking it regularly for 14 days now
Taking only Truvada for PEP. I am in Nigeria
For the last four days, I have been experiencing fever (low grade), spasms, headache, no rash, I don't sleep well (The time right now is 1:28 am)

What's happening to me?
Does Truvada cause fever? I am worried is there another thing triggering the fever?
Can Truvada combat HIV-1 & HIV-2?
Please help me,

Thank you
Talk to your doctor ab out symptoms.  Nobody can diagnose whether you have HIV or not based on symptoms you are having.  PEP is very effective at preventing HIV, and that is ALL we can tell you.  See your doctor for any concerns.
I will pay him a visit this weekend . It's okay if I share my visit with him here
There is no need to share concerns here that are not related to HIV and any tests you take.  This is an HIV forum ONLY, and HIV is not diagnosed by symptoms.  You are welcome to return here and report the results of any HIV tests that you take.
Hello everyone,

I took an HIV test (RVS) after the PEP completion. The result was negative.  Do I take another test in three months? Can I have unprotected sex with my spouse?

Thank you
If you use a duo test, you have to wait 4 weeks after the completion before you test. For any other kind of test you would have to wait 12 weeks. Did you take an RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) Test? If so it was not an hiv test. It will be important to find out if your hiv test is a duo test or not, so you will know how long to wait.
I meant wait 4 weeks after you stopped taking the last dose of Truvada before taking a duo hiv test and 12 weeks if your test is not a duo.
Okay. I will have to wait. I did a rapid HIV test. I am not sure it's a duo test.

I noticed a rash (it looked like prickly heat rash) on my body (between my arm and chest) and on my hand about 11 -14 days after the PEP completion. The rash on my hands has disappeared.  I immediately ran an HIV (retr0viral screening) after 30 minutes, I got a negative result. Showed the rash to the lab scientist, he said, it is not related to HIV.

My question is, is it possible for someone to sero-convert while rapid hiv test is negative?
Rashes and symptoms like that, as has already been explained to you, are not used to diagnose HIV. Only a test. You've concluded pep so are soon testing. Your risk from a one time unprotected vaginal sex exposure is less than 1 percent.
thank you GuitarRox. I met the doctor today. She told me, the rash looks like a heat rash or allergic reaction. I will hold on and test at 4-6 weeks duo test
Hello everyone, I did a HIV rapid test at a lab on 27th day after PEP. The result was negative. I asked the laboratory expert for the name of the test. He said Determine Early HIV detect kit (I googled and it's a 4th generation test). Should I do an ELISA 4th generation test again?
You were told to wait for 28 but went 1 day early.

It's up to you to make the decision whether to test again. The guidelines are set up based on scientific tests and trials done 28 days after stopping PEP, so no one here can tell you whether 27 is going to be ok.
I am sorry for testing too soon a day. I have been anxious and worried about all this. I should do another test in 1-9 days most likely RAPID HIV test

I just got the result for the ELISA fourth-generation test

Sample collected --9/9/2022  (26 days after PEP)
Report date -- 9/15/2022  (32 days after PEP)

Result -- Non-reactive

I did a rapid determine HIV early detect test (fourth generation) on 9/16/2022 --  (33 days after PEP)

Result - Non- reactive

Are they conclusive?

Already answered - a few times.
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