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Vaccine - med assistant wasn't wearing gloves HIV / Hep C


I went to my doctor's office today to get a routine tetanus shot.  I wasn't thinking  at all --- and then realized that the medical assistant who gave me my injection was not wearing gloves.  

She had the bandage that she was going to put on my shot site already opened and half on hanging off one of her hands (her hands didn't look clean and had some scrapes on them.  There could have been open cuts).  

My concern is the following:

1. Because she didn't wear gloves, if she was infected with HIV or Hep C, is there a chance that I might have contracted it from her.  

2. What if the band-aid had her blood on it before she put it on me?  Am I at risk?  

I think the needle and the syringe were clean, but I'm not pleased with this medical assistant's practices.  

Should there be a cause for concern here?

Thanks in advance for your help,
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1. NO
2. MOVE ON...

The gloves are to protected the healthcare worker not YOU.
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