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Vaginal fluid and loose condom

Hello All

a month ago i have sex encounter with a sex worker

she did a bit of lick and unprotected oral sex on my penis and then she put on condom for me

i was not very hard when i penetrate her and the erection failed halfway when i pull my penis out the condom was rolled up half way and hanging. Then i pulled the condom back and use KY jelly to rubbed my penis to get erection again. Then i was able to ejaculate inside the condom inside her vagina when i pulled out i see a lot of liquid inside the head of the condom

my question is
1. can her liquid get inside the condom while it was ROLLED UP HALFWAY INSIDE THE VAGINA and pass HIV to the Tip of my Penis

2. can the rubbing of KY jelly get inside the condom and pass HIV to the Tip of my Penis

3. I cant remember if i had squeeze the air out from the tip of the condom, is there a problem with this?

im worried because 2 weeks after the incident i have a sore throat

Thank you for taking your time to read this
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Liquid getting inside a condom is NOT a risk for HIV, whether it is vaginal fluid or KY jelly.   As long as the head of your penis was covered while your penis was inside her vagina, you were not at risk for HIV at all.

The only activities that could put you at risk for HIV are:

1) unprotected, penetrative anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing IV drug needles.

Again, as long as the condom covered the head of your penis during penetration, you were never exposed to HIV and you do not need to test.
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Even if the vaginal fluid get inside the condom when the condom was inside the vagina , it’s still still no risk right?
Please re-read my response for the full and complete answer to your question.
Thank you so much for your answers.
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