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Vaginal intercourse with condom


I hope i can tell my story in normal english.

I have had an vaginal incounter with a lady and licking her vagina. The licking act was short. The sex was with a condom.

Till her nothing to ask. But.

The condom was stored in a hot dark place. The enddate is 2023. After the sex i checked the condom nothing strange and i fill also with water also nothing strange and no leaks.

Is it means that the condom have worked and no risk for hiv or is it so that because its stored in hot place there can be mini rips.

Have i had a risk of hiv?
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mini rips are a myth. If a condom fails it rips down the seam and hangs in tatters so messy water tests are a waste of time. Oral is zero risk so overall you had no risk and can move on.
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No if condom break you can have hiv but in your case it was intact no breakage there is nothing called mini rips either condom is intact or it is broken condoms are designed to endure extreme pressure they are electronically tested. Sometimes because of air pressure it breaks and you would know when it breaks ur penis head would be outside the condom in your case you are fine. No testing required. Oral sex no risk
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No delay by pep
modern 4th gen test detect antigen and antibody 90% in 4weeks after last dose of pep and 100℅ after 6weeks these things are extensively researched and  accurate as told by Dr hunter Handsfield  one of the best std doctor in the ******* world!!!!!!!!!!
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I think this is for another question?
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