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Very very confused

Hello i need your help
I tested negative rapid sd bioline 3rd generation 88 days after risky exposure. Are my result conclusive.? I read in all forum 12 weeks is conclusive. But my gp ask me to test again 3 months again. Why my gp say this???
Are my result conclusive 100 percent?
Should i test again 6 months after exposure?
Have you seen someone test 88 days after exposure and becoming positive later??
What is the correct hiv window period 12 weeks or 24 weeks?
Please help mee iam so confused i need your help
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What was your exposure?
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Maybe unprotected vaginal in less than 5 second because iam not aware enough. But in the end i used a condom
'Maybe'? Rubbing against a body part is not penetration, only if you inserted your penis in to a vagina for a thrust would be a penetration.

You mustn't tote suppositional beliefs as 'high risk', anxiety can be treated with therapy. Please see one to seek help. Your problem don't seem to be HIV. Please move on.
*Please see a therapist to seek help.
So my result conclusive?? Can i move on ??
I was afraid to get into the woman's vagina for a few seconds.  because it happened so fast in the end she put a condom on me by het mouth the we did protected vaginal 15 second approx I don't really remember that
Your test was conclusive even IF you had a risk.  You don't have HIV.  Forget about this event and move on.
Iam so afraid about late seroconversion. Is it real or just myth?
Have you ever seen someone negative 3 months turn positive later?
No.  Again, put this behind you.  You don't have HIV.
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