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Wanting my HIV+ Friend

New to this forum and to asking questions about HIV issues, really never thought I would be here.  I am a young man who has never had sex with another man, but have become attached to a dear friend of mine.  We have spent several nights of longing together, doing nothing outside of kissing, but both burning to love each other harder.  I've had lots of experience with women, and only slightly fooled around with guys, but this particular relationship is one that I desire very much to pursue and experience, confidently.  I've read up on HIV prevention, and condoms are a no brainer, but I get scared about particularly deep throat kissing and pre-cum (oral sex without ejaculation in my case).  My friend is at a fairly early stage of HIV (transmission within last two years), and is not on any type of medication.  I don't want to have to have him wear a condom for oral sex (sans ejaculation) or be afraid to kiss him.  Am I wrong, and is this all ok?  Or should I really be using more preventative measures?  Thank you for your kind help and advice.  Best, Garrison
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oral sex without protection is safe. also there is no concerns for deep throat kissing.
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There is no risk of transmission if you are safe and condoms are always the way to go.It,s perfectly safe to kiss him,but as far as any other sexual acts go then protection is advised.You can have a loving relationship but always play it safe and if you ever intend on anal sex then lots of lubrication and condoms are a must.All the best.
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Thank you for your kind response.  Regarding oral sex (without ejaculation), is it ok not to use a condom?  (I'd rather not be sucking rubber ;) I've just read some things about pre-cum and wondering about risks with that, if any.  Thank you again for your response.
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Look,that,s totally your choise,however there are still some experts that say oral sex is a miniscule risk, though here on this forum and on our expert doctors forum we say zero risk.I,m not sure if your aware of this but there are fruit flavoured condoms avaliable for oral sex.
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