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Was this HIV high risk, or low risk Oral?


I have basically searched the entire internet. Everything is confusing. My risk has been giving 2 different men oral sex at same time. I tasted precum but they did not ejaculate in my mouth. I have tested negative before this last year and had nothing else since besides tongue kissing and the oral.  

I wear braces so I sometimes have small sores in my mouth- this is why I am concerned. I did have a sore in my mouth during the encounters. Both men I gave oral to were in high risk groups. I have never done drugs, never had anal or vaginal sex.

I keep having symptoms, after 5 weeks since giving oral, I had a fever for a few days, and diarrhea for a month, I also felt like I had swollen lymph nodes in arm pit and clavicle (nothing in neck). But I was travelling to foreign country during the symptoms, so maybe a coincidence? I had no symptoms since then, but now 4 months later I had diarrhea again and cramps.

Could I have been exposed? Also I had a 4th generation test 10 days after the encounter, it was negative. I don’t want to test again if I don’t have to, it is very expensive to test here. Thanks!

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Testing wasnt necessary . oral sex possess no risk whether you have sores or not. No testing is required.
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thank you!
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No risk for HIV, but you do risk spreading bacterial infections, if one of them had an infection.  You should ask about STDs in the STDs forum here: https://www.medhelp.org/forums/STDs---STIs/show/98
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Thank you! So this was no risk at all for HIV? I was assuming giving unprotected oral was actually low risk, and higher since I had braces. I will ask in the STD forum as well. Can I skip the costly hiv testing in my country for this?
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As suggested to you that oral sex is not a risk for HIV transmission, having braces on doesn't change anything, presence of saliva restricts HIV transmission, you need not worry about testing.
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