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What are the chances i got HIV infected !? Please help!

Ok, i performed oral sex a couple of times. I remember the very next day after i performed the oral sex i started to feel my throat a little sore. Now its been a week and i have itchy throat and coughing. I also have a little stuffy nose and running nose. No fever or other symptoms. I'm super worry I got infected! i didn't swallowed at all! What are the chances that this coughing and itching/throat discomfort of my throat is signs of infection? Again the only act performed was unprotected oral sex we didn't perform any other act.
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Oral sex is no risk for HIV.  You may check in the STDs forum as it does present an STD risk.  Risks for HIV are:
1) having unprotected, insertive anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing IV drug needles with IV drug users.
You don't think i should worry about being HIV positive due to the nature of the encounters? Thank you!
That's the same question you already asked, and I said "no risk for HIV".  If you had no risk, then obviously you should not worry.
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There was no risk at all. Besides, ARS symptoms can't appear the very next day after sex. Chill. :) You *do not* have HIV. If symptoms persist, consult a doctor.
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I also received an oral sex, and the guy cum on my mouth (the 1st shot). I neved had anal or viginal sex before and this incident makes me soo worried. It was 5 weeks ago yet im still worried :(
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