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What are the chances of being hiv positive at 12 weeks if I am negative at 8 weeks.

Hello. I took an ab test at 4th week of exposure, 4th gen ab/ag at 8th week of exposure which both turned out negative. Would just like to know what are the chances of it turning positive at 12 weeks? I’m currently at my 10th week and would like to take a test again around 8th dec to ease my mins. It’s been a terror for me this past 2 months. Just here to seek some advice.
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6 weeks negative is conclusive. You don't need to test further.
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A single exposure is about a 1 percent chance and you've tested negative conclusively.  It's your time and money to waste but another test is unnecessary.  
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The point is that the rapid tests are conclusive at 1 month for 4th gen and 3 month for 3rd gen
So it means u have no hiv
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Okay. Thanks. Just to be sure, I’ll take one more 4th gen at 3rd month.
it is already sure, so you are wasting your time making up your own science that says 4 weeks isn't sure. Do you make up your won science and duplicate every other medical test your doc gives "just to be sure"?
Haha. I don’t mean anything. It’s just that my family doctor recommend a 3rd month testing just to be sure. But after hearing all your opinions, maybe I’ll reconsider. After all , the test is subsidised by the government. I doubt a third test at 12 weeks would do more harm than good if it can get my paranoia away. Anyway, thanks for all the quick responses. Definitely gave me a lot more reassurance.
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Hi, tests are conclusive
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Even if it’s a rapid 4th gen ab/ag test?
Oral, anal or vaginal and did you use condom?
Oral and vaginal without condom.
It was just a single exposure and with a female. I think the chances are v low but just needed some reassurance.
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