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What are the chances that I Have HIV?

I have never had any type of intercourse, but at the end of June, I RECEIVED oral sex from my boyfriend (he went down on me). This lasted for about an hour (pretty long time). He also fingered me. About a month later, I got avaginal yeast infection that has been recurrent and persistent. I still have this yeast infection and am on fluconazole pills as treatment. I also have seemed to develop oral thrush as well. For about two weeks I had severe headaches, muscle aches, joint pains, sneezing from time to time, dry mouth, itchy/sore throat and extreme fatigue. These are all ARS symptoms. I am very worried as to whether I could have HIV. My boyfriend ONLY had ONE other sexual partner before me. He had intercourse with her. She got tested 3 months after having sex with him and her results came back negative. He got tested around the same time as her & the receptionist from his doctor's office told him over the phone that his test needed a follow up that would take two weeks. Two weeks later, my boyfriend called back the doctor's office and was told that the receptionist he spoke to was fired because he had messed up all the files. The files were so messed up that the new receptionist could not tell him what the results for his test were. He got another test done recently & is now waiting for results. I want to get tested too but my three month window period wont be up until the end of september/beginning of october. I will get tested then but until them I worried out of my mind, particularly due to the fact that i have a very persistent case of oral & vaginal thrush.

P.S. If I got HIV from him, would it really have compromised my immune system enough to cause such persistent yeast infection within just a month of exposure/infection?
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Thank you for your input. :)
This has helped to put me at ease.
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Thank you for your answer! I am very relieved to hear what you have said. I guess whatever happened at the doctor's office was just a big mix up! But that big mess up has had us all on edge for a while. When his new results come back, hopefully we can all breathe a sigh of relief. He does not use any kind of drugs, he is straight and has only had sex with that one girl (we were worried because she has had many sexual partners & has been known to not use condoms), he was never in prison. However, he is from the Caribbean and so is the girl.

I am not worried about diabetes because I have had numerous diabetes tests which have all come back negative. My blood sugar levels are normal.
I will go and get tested as soon as possible. My doctor has suggested that maybe stress and diet are the problems.

Thank You very much for your input. I will keep you posted on what happens. :)  
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HIV has never been known to be transmitted by cunnilingus (oral-vaginal contact). And unless your boyfriend is at particular high risk for HIV (injection drug use, sex with men, past imprisonment, etc), the chance he has HIV is close to zero.

Recurrent or persistent yeast infections are rare indicators of HIV. You should be more worried about diabetes, for example. And in reply to your PS question: No, this is much too soon for your immune system to be so seriously compromised by HIV.

For reassurance, have an HIV test. You can expect it to be negative. You don't need to wait until 3 months after exposure; that's old news. A DUO test, which is currently the main test recommended by CDC, is conclusive at 4 weeks; or, for a standard antibody test, 6 weeks. And keep working with your doctor about getting your yeast infection under control. It may be you are infected with a strain resistant to fluconozole and related drugs.
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