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What does HIV Rash look like?

Hi, I had perform oral sex to a man (MSM) which I don't know his HIV status on Nov 28, I got STD test on Dec 13, all is negative, including HIV. I had a sore throat also last time only for few days, runny nose and cough, But I don't have fever.

Now I have skin rash in my stomach but not red dot rash like I search on the internet about HIV skin rash, itchy a bit. But I am very worry now it is a same rash with HIV symptoms. Can someone give me a clue what does Skin Rash of HIV looks like?
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I believe you have posted here previously about oral sex and you were told that it is not a risk for HIV. Continuing to ask will not change that answer.  So, no.  Your rash or whatever is on your stomach has zero to do with HIV because you had Zero risk.  Again, the only way adults get HIV is to have unprotected vaginal or anal penetrating sex or share IV drug needles.  That's it, that's the final answer.
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