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What is my HIV risk?

Hi, 20 days ago I engaged in unprotected oral sex (on me) and protected vaginal sex. I am now petrified as to my risks.

From day 4/5 I have been have a general malaise feeling. Every single day. This is mild dizziness, feeling spaced out, not normal etc.
I have also been having headaches since day 8/9 every day. These headaches are mild/moderate and they come and go. They are localized in the region between my eyebrows and last for anything up to a few hours. I can get multiple a day. It feels like a sort of 'tension' between my eyebrows...if I massage the area this helps. In the past few days the headaches have also been making my right eye feel heavy/puffy with a slight twitching now and again.
I have woken up very sweaty (although not bed soaked) on day 11 & 12.
On day 16 I developed a dry/itchy throat that needs to be cleared a lot. This is still here day 20. It is worse at night and in the morning, during the day I don't notice it too much. There is no real 'pain' in the throat as such (not sore swallowing whatsoever etc). Just this other form of aggravation.

Symptoms I don't have: fever, rash, obvious swelling of lymph nodes, loss of appetite, vomitting, muscle & joint pains etc.

1) what is my original exposure risk for HIV?
2) the condom generally looked ok when I finished but I didn't fully 'examine' it. Is there any chance there could have been small tears, holes etc? If a condom fails is it obvious?
3) what do you make of my symptoms? Part of me thinks my headaches are anxiety related but they have been present now on and off for 2 weeks and the timing of the dry throat plays on my mind too....I'm having these 'symptoms' at the ARS symptom window period!
4) Would ARS related headaches be throbbing, severe, unrelenting, debilitating etc?
5) would ARS related sore throat be very severe, limiting swallowing etc and staying sore throughout the whole day?

Thank you in advance for your help.
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I forgot to mention this exposure was with a female escort (CSW).
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Oral sex is NOT a risk for HIV but can be a risk for other STI's. I would advise you be tested for those.

Symptoms are NEVER used to diagnose HIV.

Get tested for any STI's and discuss all your symptoms with your doctor. In my humble and non-medical opinion, the vast majority of them are anxiety driven.

There is never any doubt when a condom fails. (breaks)
They do NOT get "little holes or tears." When a condom fails, it fails catastrophically. There isn't much left but a few shreds and the ring at the base of your penis.

There is no point discussing ARS since you NEVER had a risk for HIV and therefore could NOT have ARS.

Stop looking up symptoms on the internet! All that is doing is exacerbating your fear and anxiety.

Educate yourself about HIV.
Knowledge is power.
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