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What is my risk for contracting HIV/Do these symptoms suggest ARS?

Okay so here is the story.  About 4 weeks ago, on Jan 1st, I engaged in unprotected oral, both me performing cunilngus on a girl, and her performing unprotected oral on me.  Other than that I fingered her, she manually gave me a handjob, and there was some grinding (I'm not 100% that my tip didn't rub against her opening and secretions didn't get in, but I'm pretty sure they didn't) but there was no unprotected penetration.  I am very scared because I found out afterwards that she recently had a lot of trouble with drugs (heroin for example, and did some time in prison, and recently got out of rehab) she said she was tested in her last program in November and that she was clean but I don't know if she did anything since then; this was my first sexual encounter in the past several years.  I am just getting more and more scared because I noticed about a few days to a week later that I started having difficulty swallowing my saliva (foods and drinks aren't so noticeably bad) but for the past 4 weeks now I have had trouble swallowing.  I also have been checking my lymph nodes because I keep getting nervous and a little over a week after the exposure I noticed a pea sized lump on the right side of my neck (was confirmed by a throat specialist, its still there) and I just now noticed one under my chin.  Awhile ago I also felt one pea sized lump on each side of my groin (not sure if this is normal).  The throat specialist I visited seemed to suggest that he trouble swallowing and neck lymph node swelling may be due to an allergic reaction.  I haven't had a fever these past few weeks, but I did notice a slight red rash on each side of my thighs, but that has since started to really heal, I'm not sure it was related.  Please can anyone offer me advice or reassurance, I have read on this forum that these exposures described are little to zero risk but I can't seem to shake this worry from my mind.
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1- HIV is never diagnosed on the basis of symptoms. That is why we don't discuss them.

2- You never had a risk even if there was rubbing. Please ignore anyone who advises you to test..
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I think you have nothing to worry about. The absence of fever strongly says you are not having ARS symptoms.
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