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When is conclusive

Dear .

I did HIV Combi (Ag + Abs) and HBs Ag and HCV Antibodies tests at the following times (my exposure was Monday around 1am and my tests are between 10 am & 1pm, so when i say a week, it is actually a week and around 10 hours or so) my test are done after exposure in:
2 days
4 weeks
4 weeks and 1 day
4 weeks and 3 days
5 weeks
5 weeks and 6 days
6 weeks and 6 days
7 weeks and 5 days
8 weeks and 6 days
9 weeks and 6 days
10 weeks and 2 days
10 weeks and 4 days
11 Weeks
11 weeks and 2 days
11 weeks and 4 days
11 weeks and 5 days
12 Weeks
13 weeks and 5 days
15 Weeks.
My question is this this conclusive 100% ? i have read a lot in the net and didn't found one answer. In the US, I found different opinions some says 4 weeks and some say 6-8 weeks and some says 3 months (12 weeks) and some say 6 months and some say up to a year for a conclusive result? CDC are general and they only specified that 97% of people will devolve Antibodys by 3 months and the remain 3 % up to 6 months (is this only for Antibody tests (3rd Generation))
Please see under "when should i get tested" http://www.cdc.gov/actagainstaids/basics/testing.html
In UK , BASHH in 2010 statement, they made it very clear that it is 100% conclusive at 12 weeks see link
and in their 2014 statement i get confused are they saying it is conclusive at 8 weeks or they don't want to give a definitive window period any more? http://www.bashh.org/documents/BASHH-EAGA%20statement%20on%20HIV%20WP%20%28Oct%20%2014%29.docx Dr can i

Is it correct to say that given that the level of Antigen P24 is curbed by the antibodies, when the level of Antigen drops, this is because the antibodies have appeared already and are present in the blood at a detectable amount. So, at least at this point of time, either one or the other, if not both would be detectable?
If yes why is in it stated clearly in CDC or any other official website?

I have asked couple of Dr which some are ID, they are still sticking to the 6 months which make me try to find the scientfec answer to the 4 or 12 weeks conclusivity

Can i safely get back to my wife

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A DUO test at 4 weeks will give conclusive results
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Then why there is health professionals who  recommend 6 months
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Legal issues and ignorance.
A DUO test will detect antigens at the peak (28 days) and antibodies ...i.e after 28 days and forever!
HIV detection is no-longer rocket science. It is easily detected.
In the U.S you can  buy a a test kit for less than 50 dollars at the Walmart (of all places) and get an accurate result of your status.
The so-called window period is the period of time when sufficient antibodies to the virus are detectable. With the advances in detection technology, six months is archaic!
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I have to agree that tests have improved however, I have read that the P24 is didctable in only 60% of the people and after the 28 days the combo test is an antibody test.
The issue is there is a lot of outdated info and few updated info.
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The problem also is that not every website is run by STD specialist or Infectious doctor specialist but just back thread the replies of dr handsfield in the expert forum. His comments 4th gen 28 days is conclusive and with new standard antibody test 6 weeks is enough. His words not mine.
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What made me confused and scared and can't live my life is getting the 6 month test from consultation from ID and IM Drs
In either healthtap.com or justanswer.com or other ask Dr online thing.
I read Dr HHH posts and argument in 28 days thing.
But who supports him agree with him in the Internet are few. The vast majority still say more than 99% at 12 weeks.
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He is a real expert. Just google his name and his achievements will be on display. I mean just take a look at what you see online. There are a lot of inconsistencies but if you stick with specific websites run by experts like medhepl or thebody. You will get consistent answers. Best of luck to you. Your test are conclusive.
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You dont have hiv.
And for your kind info , with a duo test antigens will be detected anytime after 14 days itself and not after 28 days. That is why experts take 28 days test as 100% conclusive, and it will never change.
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Is there any official website (govermental or smigovernental) that gives an official window period?
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Fourth Generation Duo test detects the infection much earlier, even before seroconversion.
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