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Why 4th generation DUO test still not regarded conclusive at 28 days ?

Doctors on this website such as Dr. Hook, Dr, Handsfiled, Dr. Sean and Dr. Jose regard the DUO test after 28 days conclusive regardless of any type of exposure. I live in USA and according to the local government clinic here adhere to the 28 days mark as well for all duo test. Not starting a argument here but stating the facts that are said by highly qualified Doctors. CDC recommends a 3 month waiting period for only antibodies test that was used back then in 2006. Certainly those guidelines are disregarded by many specialist today. And i heard a new CDC guideline have been published last year summer regarding the duo test being conclusive by 28 days.

Dr. Sean and other Doctors on the freedom health UK hiv forum still taking paid question from viewers and their statement is still the same for a duo test at 28 days conclusive.

So my question here is, why is this community forum don't use the "28 day conclusive" term for a duo test ? Correct me if i am wrong. Because all this contradicting info can a be misleading for all the people who come here for answers.

Thanks in advance!
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Hi this is a forum. And variuos posters from diffrent Backgrounds post here. Others base there answer as they see in the forum while others really do the research. 4th gen test are conclusive at 28 days / 4 weeks as guidelines of the cdc already.
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Most of us here in this forum agreed on 28 days conclusive result duo/combo/4th gen hiv test..
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