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Worried about giving oral and PEP

Two days ago I gave unprotected oral on an unknown man, in park, along with mutual masturbation and some unprotected frottage (he did not enter my anus).
Not sure if he ejaculated but I must have gotten some pre-cum from him. My mouth was very, very dry so not much saliva to protect me.

Since I don’t know his status I assume now he’s HIV positive. Stupid of me, I should’ve used protection - I know - now it’s too late to think.

Within 12 hours I went to the healthcare provider and she put me on PEP (Combivir-alone).

After reading about PEP I became worried about beibg onCombivir alone for PeP. General consensus nowadays seems to be that a PEP regimen has to include three medication rather than two.

So today I went back to my phyisician and insisted that he adds Kaletra to the PEP
combo. My argument was that there was pre-cum and other discharge in my mouth during my giving oral and that was an exposure.

Now I am frustrated because I had begun taking Combivir-alone at 10 hours post exposure and I only added Kaletra in at 56 hours post-exposure.

Really I do not get why doc did not gave me the full drug combination, Combivir+Kaletra, at the intial 10 hour mark. Now I‘m wondering whether this whole PEP thing still makes sense.

Do you have any experience with the efficacy of Combivir alone, or whether adding another drug later, a PI like Kaletra,  may still have erficacy in preventing infection?

Apologies,just needed to share this.. could you advise?

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My advice would be to get a new doctor who has expertise in HIV.  You had no risk and you didn't need PEP.  Please read about the side effects of PEP.  You're taking a drug to prevent a disease that you didn't have a risk of contracting.
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