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Worried about past exposure

Around 8 months ago, I had protected inter course with an escort three times - each time a new Durex condom was used for the act. I don’t remember any change in feeling while having sex. And after I was done each time, I did a cursory examination and the condoms looked fine. Each act lasted around a minute or so, and the condoms were supplied by the escort.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been ruminating about whether the condoms may have broken during the act. I have never had one break on me so I’m not sure what I was supposed to be looking for during my visual inspection all those months ago. My questions :-

1) What would a broken condom look and feel like? Is there a chance of missing a subtle break?

2) Can vaginal fluids on the condom infect you while you are removing the condom?

3) Should I get tested?

I entered into a committed relationship with my now GF about a month after this so I’m concerned if there might have been a possible risk, which I may have inadvertently passed on.

Please advise.
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This looks like total safe sex in regards to HIV.
Most sex workers don’t have HIV in most countries. They no the risks and take action to protect themselves. The fact the condoms was supplied by the escort is a good sign, she looks after her self. I’m willing to bet that she didn’t have HIV (she’s also low risk for other STI)
So even if your condom failed it would be exceptionally low risk anyway.

Condoms are designed in a way that if they fail it’s obvious it either slits open revealing the head, or it comes of without either realising until withdrawal.

On to your questions

1) as described above a condom breakage is obvious.

2) no, not enough and no direct access to your body. And when you take it of vaginal fluid wouldn’t go near you.

3) I see no reason to test for HIV of course you can if you want to prove to yourself you are not infected. But scientifically no reason to test at all.

Hope this helos
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Thanks Dadz1990. So just to confirm, there’s no chance there could have been a subtle break. Any breaks would have been catastrophic enough that they would have been noticed?
Only the head of your penis needs to be covered in order to protect you from HIV.  If you did not pull out and notice that the head of your penis was fully exposed - which you would have noticed - you weren't at risk for HIV.

You weren't exposed to HIV, and you don't need to test for HIV.
Thanks CurfewX!
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