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Worried about potential risk

Hello! I am a 25 year old heterosexual male. I may have had an exposure risk with a woman of unknown status. On September 11, I had some protected vaginal sex and received unprotected fellatio. The next morning, she got on top of me and rubbed her genitalia on mine, potentially exposing myself to vaginal secretions. It has been 9 weeks, I have not had any real fever, but have been symptom chasing and worrying constantly. I have had some tight throat or possibly slight sore throat, the occasional headache or lightheadedness but it all seems to go away over night and depend on my mood. Overall in the past 9 weeks, I have felt pretty tired, but I feel like it is more caused by anxiety. I am constantly googling symptoms and risk factors all day even though I know them all by now.  Contacted the female in question and she tested negative for HIV three weeks prior to the event and she claims she has not had sexual intervourse for a few months prior. Can someone tell me truthfully what my risk specifically from the unprotected frottage is and whether or not I would know if I have ARS symptoms? Are they obvious or could I just naturally have less severe symptoms? Thank you all.
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You had protected vaginal sex.........no risk for HIV and no need to test.

Oral sex, while not a risk for HIV, can be a risk for other STI's and I would advise testing for those.

Frottage as an activity poses a theoretical risk of HIV transmission.  
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