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Worried after rape

Hello. First of all, I apologize if this is a question you answer over and over again. However, this is my first time having to deal with a situation like this.

A little over 11 weeks ago I was date raped, both vaginally and anally, by a man I was on a second date with. Because of both denial and fear, I did not admit the rape actually occurred for more than 4 weeks and when I went to see my doctor, he told me to wait the full three months to be tested. (I had just been in for my annual exam, so the doctor knew my baseline was clear.)While I am worried about all STD's that may result from this incident, HIV is weighing heavily on my mind. When the doctor did not test at 6 weeks, I did an oral HIV test and it was negative. The person who did this to me told me on our first date he was clear of everything, but I hope you can understand it is hard to believe the word of someone who would do this to you.

My question is one that I am sure many have which is what are my odds of receiving a clear test when I go next week for my 3 month test?

For the record I did report the incident and I am getting counseling. There are so many emotions that go along with this type of incident, I just want to clear my mind of one of the worries if possible.

Thank you so much for your time and the work you do.
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Sorry...I kinda skipped that part. I am a female. I just did not hit that when I was setting up my profile. I am not in my right frame of mind really at the moment with all that is going on.

Thank you, Vance for your note.
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How is that possible when your profile says you are 36 year old male?
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6 week test is a good indication of the conclusive result.
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