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Worried !!

Last year i had 3 times protected sex with csw in Red ligh district (oral and vaginal protected). About 6 months after last situation I started to have headaches, back of the head, ears area and neck pain every day..i starts just after i wake up and stops in the evening time..nothing at night, few months later after i found bit swollen armpit lymph node Ive started to feel some strange paan there. I Feel bit  dizzy too. I had normal blood test, looks like iam in perfect health. Im scared to infect my gf.. Should i be worried about hiv and get tested.?.or should i move on because  it is  either my mind playing tricks or something else.
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We don't get into moral issues here, and lots of married people have STDs and HIV.

You won't get HIV from removing a condom.  Period.  No need to test.

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If you are worrying about HIV and STD why you had sex ? get married and end of story ! => Islam says : if you are sexually active , get married ... this in order to avoid disease STD and HIV, these things have been said since 1430 years ago ,, Teak what do you think ?
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Ok, thanks, So You say there is no need for a test right ? I keep thinking that I got infected when i took condoms of..if some of the fluinds got on my penis..
Thanks anyway
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You had protected sex. At no time were you at risk of contracting HIV. See your doctor if you are concerned about your symptoms, they have nothing to do with HIV.
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