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Worry about wiping the needle eye with a bloody cotton swab

Hello, I went to the hospital yesterday to draw blood. When the nurse stopped bleeding for me, my pinhole was still bleeding. The nurse took out the iodophor cotton swab from the cotton swab box to wipe the pinhole for me. If this cotton swab was covered with the blood of AIDS patients and then pressed on my wound, would you like to know if it could be infected. Because I'm afraid that people with AIDS will retaliate against the society and inject a tube of their own blood into the box of cotton swabs, which will lead to the pollution of all the iodophor cotton swabs in the box, so I use the cotton swabs with blood, will it infect AIDS? If not, why? Do I need a test?
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This is an irrational line of thinking.  Nobody would put blood in a bin of cotton balls, and if they did, it would be easy to notice.  It would also be a bad way to try to infect other people, because blood outside of the body is NOT infectious.  You cannot get HIV from an object, even if it is covered in blood.

You had zero risk for HIV and of course you do not need a test.  You may wish to talk to your doctor about your anxiety, though.
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At that time, the blood drawing place was a lunch break. I was worried that someone would pour blood into the iodophor swab box while the nurse was away. Suppose that the swab soaked with blood would wipe blood for me to stop bleeding, wouldn't it be dangerous?
That's completely irrational thinking on your part and you know that didn't happen. Your problem has nothing to do with HIV but you do have a severe mental problem which would be much better served by seeking out counseling. Wasting your time asking irrational questions on HIV message boards will never help you get over this problem. Only counseling will do that for you. I strongly advise you to see a counselor to discuss your irrational HIV phobia.
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