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Hi all,

I am a 30 year old straight male.  Over the past 10 years (during times I was single) I have probably used prostitutes 30 times.  I have always had protected vaginal sex (never any anal) and have had some unprotected oral (giving and receiving).  I am in a remote location (with no car - temporarily) and cannot get tested anytime soon for HIV.  My question is, is my risk for being infected low enough that I can engage in protected sex with a girl I met without worrying I might pass something on to her?  I would also want to ask the same question for STD's but I don't know if i can do that without reposting the same question in the STD forum.


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One more thing.... is it even worth going to get tested if it is a big hassle, or is it ok if I wait until it is more convenient.  

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You have no worries regards to HIV. But again unprotected oral sex carries a risk for other STD's like gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis and herpses and it would not be bad to check them from time to time. Yet 10 years is a long period.

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Thanks for your prompt response.  From what I have read on here I know this should probably be posted in another forum, but since you already mentioned STD's I will proceed with a follow up.  For the STD's you mentioned, are any of them asymptomatic?  I am healthy and have no health issues.
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