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afraid about HIV infected

i m afraid about HIV ...
last time sex with call girl ... i wear 2 condom one time .... after 2 min discharge i clean my penis in dry dirty bedsheet which used  in there bed ....


2 nd time sex with call wear 2 condom .. she suck my penis and i insert my finger in her vagina ... after discharge by mistake i clean my by my same hand ....
so tell me i m infected or ....
one site where i read HIV virus not leave in air ... HIV work only when doing sex without condom ...

after that all i take antibiotic medicine 2 days and clean my penis by dettol ...

i m not feel any fever (one symptoms of HIV)
plz reply me
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You never had an HIV exposure but if you don't start using condoms correctly you will have an exposure. Do not put two condoms on at once.
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thanks you giving very relax .... i don't risk that time when sex with call girl .. but never try double condom with my gf or in future with wife ....

so HIV effected only when penis inside vagina without condom ...

thank you sir
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Yes that is right, HIV is only transmitted INSIDE the body where is it never exposed to the outside environment.
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Using 2 condoms even makes you more stringent against possible HIV infection! - provided both of your condoms are still intact

Be safe always! Use condom properly. 1 condom per session is enough. Better yet, stick with one partner and be faithful.
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2 condoms does not make your 'more stringent' .  This is called double bagging and leads to an increased likelihood of condom breakage - which would be obvious if it happened so don't fret about that.

One condom used correctly and consistently is all that is needed.
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