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am I infected?

Hi everyone, 
I wanted to ask for some help I have been worried sick as of late. 
I had several sexual encounters (at least 10) with a female friend. every time we used a condom. But i had two separate incidents. (Note: I really don't know this persons status)

1st 02/16: incident she didn't know she had her period until we had intercourse. When I looked down at my pubic area i had blood on it since she was on top. I'm afraid I might have this patch of like eczema near my buttocks that I usually get when my anxiety is high.  I don't remember if I had it or if it was irritated that day as of matter of fact I just thought about it today.  I also accidentally touched the menstruation and I am not sure if I picked my nose with that finger before noticing? Is this a risk? Note I was protected with a condom every time.

2nd 02/26:
 On our last encounter I experienced a mishap. After I came my penis became flaccid and I stayed inside here vagina slowly penetrating for probably less than a minute. All of a sudden she freaked out because she felt something dripping and it was my semen that was dripping from the front end of the condom! So I quickly withdrew. When I looked down I was surprised that my condom was missing, I felt like it was on the entire time! It was in her vagina but the ring was still out... I am still very confused on what happened. My theory is that my penis became flaccid and the semen was dripping through the sides of the condom? Because if not the condom would have been lodged in her vagina? Right?.....
Ever since this happened I have been experiencing a lot of symptoms:
Hot feeling no fever
Stomach issues the following day for a period of about a week I still have this rumbling
Runny nose
Joint burning/pain

 I am extremely worried.... I have always feared transmission of certain diseases. 
I intend to get tested in one more week. I really regret all of this. I hate sex. It always comes with this anxiety most of the times... Please I appreciate any feedback.
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You had no risk. The 1st is not a risk because you used a condom. The 2nd is not a risk because condom stayed in her upon withdrawl, but penis was protected.
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Hi Vance, thank you very much for your reply.

how do I know if it was protected on the second incident?, how about if the condom had slipped before withdrawal and I didn't notice? I just remember her getting startled and me quickly pulling out. As i mentioned the condom ring was still outside of her vagina. Is it possible that i was penetrating without the condom and it remained in that position the entire time? I am a wreck ! I have always suffered of anxiety ... I am not sure if the symptoms I am feeling are real or if they are a product of my anxiety?
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If the condom came off and you were inside of her then you would have pushed the condom deep into her.
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