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blood on pants

Reading this forum has relieved a lot of worries of mine. But I'm still haunted by a recent incidence. I really hope the experts can ease my irrational mind. Two weeks ago, I was told by someone that I had a large blood spot in the back of my pants near anus area. I had no idea of where it came from. I was on a business trip at Beijing, and I only sat in restaurant, taxi, hotel, and office buildings. I know that blood cannot transmit HIV if my skin has no opening. But what worries me is a mild hemorrhoid problem. I don't recall if there was any fissure near the anus. Sometimes when I wipe BM, there are some blood traces -- that's the extent of my hemorrhoid. Now I worry if this unknown blood may enter via my anus hemorrhoid. It has been haunting me since it happened. I know that a testing may put my mind at peace, but it is too early to do a test.
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Doesn't matter how fresh it was you never had an exposure.

HIV is transmitted by;
Unprotected penetrative anal and/or vaginal sex
Sharing works with other IV drug abusers
Mother to child
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Thanks for the comment. But what if the blood is fresh. For the pants to catch so much blood, there must be a large amount of fresh blood in contact. I'm very concerned with how "fresh" is infectious.
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HIV is unable to reproduce outside its living host (unlike many bacteria or fungi, which may do so under suitable conditions), except under laboratory conditions; therefore, it does not spread or maintain infectiousness outside its host.
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