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blood splash in eye and inappropriate cleaning

I was on the street in Vietnam and a few people (drug users) were fighting and bleeding, at one point i saw a drop of blood enter my eye. as a natural reflex, i used my finger and my shirt to wipe it out. i don't remember washing my eyes afterward cause i was on the street. now i am worried hiv blood got into my eye, and by the actions of wiping and rubbing eye, i caused some damages or scratches in my eye which made entry for virus to infect me. do i need to worry about the incident? do i need a test? thank you so much for your professional answers
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HIV is transmitted by
1) having unprotected anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing intravenous drug needles with other people.

You can ignore any other event.  There is no other way that you would be exposed to HIV.  Forget about this incident and move on.
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Thank you so much. May i ask if there are any other diseases (hbv, syphilis, etc.) that i should worry about from this incident? As i am going to have an annual body check after two months, do you think i need some additional examinations?
This forum is only for questions about HIV.  You cannot get any STDs from this event - STD stands for "sexually transmitted disease," meaning that you get it only by sexual contact.
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