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can i get hiv from genital secretion touching a superficial scratch?

sorry for bad english,  
i'm a 23 year old female from Ukraine, with no sexual experience until two weeks ago.  i do regular health checkups every 6 month, my last result was negative for hiv.
so on september i moved into a new neighborhood,  and i met new friends and two weeks ago i was drunk and one of my friends convinced me to do threesome with them (2f1m),  i agreed but i realize it was the worst mistake i've ever made.
so that night,  i neither did vaginal intercourse nor kissing. but i gave handjob to the male partner and he ejaculated a towel (i believe little to no semen touched my hand by that time.)then i fingered the female partner, i was too vigorous on her so she scratched my index finger with her nail when she try to displace my hands. the scratch is very small <3mm,  and superficial,  i noticed very very small amount of oozing liquid mixed with blood. i went up and put 70 alcohol on the scratch (i felt slightly stinging sensation) and washed my hands with simple soap and water. then after i went back to the room and mistakenly dried my hands with the same towel i've mentioned earlier. i notice there is still some wet and fresh semen on the towel eventhough it has been about 15 minutes since he ejaculated. i didn't care much i just dried my hands on other towel and went to sleep.

the next day me and the other girl just discovered the guy is living with hiv, and he doesn't take his medicines regularly. we were both shocked, i also asked the girl about her hiv status and she told me she was tested and negative about a month ago, but now she is worried she might have contracted the disease because she had few unprotected encounters in the past few weeks.
now i really regret and can't stop to thinking about it and blaming my self. i feel like "i better died today, than to live with hiv"

now what worries me most is what if the girl got infected recently and if the girls' vaginal secretion touched my scratch,  also after touching semen from towel mentioned earlier  i kept my scratched finger in my other hands grip,  and i suspect holding my fingers in my palms grip overnight caused a perfect airthight condition for the virus to survive on the scratched surface and gain access to my circulation,

i'm stressed beyond anyones' imagination,  please tell me if i am at risk of getting the disease due to my events that i've told? 
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What you describe is not a risk for HIV.  In any way.  The ONLY ways that you can get HIV is to 1. have unprotected vaginal intercourse (no condom and with penetration), 2. have unprotected anal intercourse (no condom and with penetration) or 3. sharing IV drug needles.  None of what you describe falls into those three categories so you did not have an exposure. Fingering and hand jobs do NOT transmit the virus.  Air inactivates the virus.  So does saliva. The stress is from perhaps not understanding HIV but you do not need to be stressed and you do not need to test.

Speaking of testing, why have you been getting HIV tests if you aren't sexually active until just recently?  Do you suffer from anxiety as it sounds like you do.  
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0 risk.
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