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did you have oral sex ? and you are afraid from HIV read that !

Dear Freinds I just want to share my experience

As I have written above I have tested negative for HIV.
I was never so much anxious and stressed in my life.
Suddenly my life looked to me meaningless.It was such a situation
were I could not ask for help to anybody.I come from India were having
sexual relationship before marriage or extramarital relationship is not acceptable.

I never had such relationships  so always I thought that the western people were lucky
But now I realise that the Indian way is really good. One key fits in one lock only.

last 10 weeks I had been surfing all the data on the net speaking to doctors on this subject and I have come to some conclusions. All this info is based on my exp and may or maynot be medically correct.

1.In any sex there are two partners one is insertive and other is receptive. The risk of insertive partner is lesser than the receptive.

2.Unprotected Insertive oral sex is safe in terms of HIV but not for STD. Using Condoms and dental dams is highly recommended. There is no documented case of Insertive oral sex affected with HIV. Some STD like Herpes are not treatable.

3. Dont have oral sex with multiple partners at the same time.

4.Check for cuts , injuries and cold sores in mouth and genitals before having oral sex.

5.Wash your genitals before and immediately after having oral sex.

6.For receptive partners avoid taking cum in the mouth.

7.Circumcised people have less chances of getting HIV or STD

8.After having unprotected sex generally you will start showing all symptoms as per Murphy law. Most of the times the symptoms are deceptive.

9.Elisa is a screening test which is done for checking HIV infection. A test after 06 weeks time is reliable. A negative test after 13 weeks period will give final confirmation. So may be you can calm down your anxiety by checking after 06 weeks if it is unbearable.

10. Unprotected Anal sex is the most dangerous having 1 in 200 ratio , Vaginal sex 1 in 500 and receptive fellato oral sex with cum is 1 in 20,000 . The chances of having HIV is still less than 0.5% in Anal sex. So dont be be too anxious and get checked.

11 Avoid having sex after taking alcohol. You may forget to use protection.

12.Less than 1% people are affected from HIV worldwide. Sour Africa and nearby countries is the most badly affected. Apart from that Thailand , Russia , Central Africa and Some parts of Brazil are affected.

Lastly dont give your precious parts in anybodys mouth , vagina or anal without protection. Educate your children at proper age so that they dont commit such mistakes.
One mistake can change your life.
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Could you please limit your questions to one post? Reread the answers on your previous posts.
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