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I think a nurse used a dirty needle on me when I needed a iv in my arm in November. After she used the needle that I didn't see her open she open a new one and attempted to use that one instead.
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Discuss with that nurse.
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How it was two months ago and I don't know her name
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Nurses dont re use needles, their is no reason to do so. They are medical professionals, well tranied, it just would not happen.
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i'm in the same boat with you discuss with me
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It's just she came in the to with the needle already in her hand and after she pricked me about three times them she opened a fresh one she also seemed as if she didn't know what she was doing I don't know I might be over reacting a little bit
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Yes you are over reacting
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You are definitely overreacting.  I don't know why it is that so many people seem to think that nurses are required to open needles, equipment, etc in front of a patuent.  That's not true.  If you have OCD type issues, then request that the nurse open everything in front of you.  However, with the nature of these kinds of obsessive thoughts, even that is not usually enough to stop the irrational thoughts.

Nurses do NOT reuse needles.  It is HAMMERED into our heads ALL through nursing school the importance of using new equipment each time.  We are taught not to even recap a used needle, to just discard it as is.

We are taught all of this to protect OURSELVES not the patient, therefore a nurse is not going to put him/herself at risk by reusing equipment.  It doesn't save time, there would be NO benefit for a nurse to reuse a needle.

NOT a risk...no one had ever been infected with HIV as a result of getting their blood drawn, an IV inserted, etc.

Seek some professional help.
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I'm not seeking any professional help sir thank you. It's jus weird idk if she was an actual nurse she worked in the hospital and had scrubs on and she was asking me where to insert the needle and how to use it so naturally questions would arise in my head after this I got tonsilitis and severe headaches so I thought I would ask to see the possibility of something like this actually happening
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