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drugged and fingered

hi there, so this past friday i was out at a party and i am pretty sure after 4 drinks when i was leaving someone gave me a drugged drink, with i dont know what.

i was taken to a male bathouse however, as far as i recall  i had complete conciousness.

i remember doing three things:

1). brifely sucking one mans **** for abt 25 seconds

2). one naked guy fingered me and squeezed my sack

3). another naked guy who was jerking off himself fingered me and squeezed my sack (i DO NOT believe he put his finger in my anus, just caressed my butt crack HOWEVER i do know that fingering poses 0 risk).

That is all the activity i could remember. As i was drunk/drugged more could have happened however i was there for only abt 3 hours and spent the majority of the time lying down on the couch or showering [i did not even sit in the jacuzzi]!

when i came home  i examined my body adn there seems to be no signs of anything else happening, ie, enlarged anus, etc.

so i am risk free right?

i thought i was playing it safe [as always] but i am PRETTY sure the last drink was drugged therefore i actually went to teh bathouse in teh first place instead of going out to a more legitamite after hours club.
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You never had an exposure.
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and...even if that young guy fingered my anus while jerking off, that would be NO RISK as well right?

even though i am 99% sure he didnt' enter!

also, there is a possiblitly that more happened that i do not remember, however i HIGHLY doubt it.
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