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early symptoms

can one get little diarhea,constipation and headache as HIV symptom
can this be early stages of HIV ?

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NO, those are not ARS symptoms.

You were advised that you were at no risk, please move on.

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Hi I am so sorry to put post.
I have been very sad and quilty and i have learned my lesson,i took everything for granted but when i did survery on net about massage parlors oreintal/adult modeling studios and there horror and no clue on testing,i got **** scared.

even after beeing protective i still felt so scared.as they say be proactive in life.

ok last thing on my mind. on my last thing on mind.
the model put a lotion a hot one with a baby oil mix.i asked her what is this.after that i felt so sick and felt scared and i also touched vagina of hers.
why will i feel so sick after that day till today

throat pain little and neck between head and neck hurting,kind of muscle twist.
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Has nothing to do with HIV. You had no risk.
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but why did i feel so sick after it.
and i read sometimes the combination of finger in vagina.and she put oil
what if that oil had something fishy? and her hand or she had hiv in her vagina.
i also not aware of vaginal secretions,one woman get orgasm  that vagina secretion has Hiv virus or general vaginal secretion also can have HIV there.just for curiosty
she was beauty but sometimes as they say u never know!

please tell me what is my risk
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You had no risk.
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