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fall off the bicycle

if me and potentially infected person both fall off the bicycle and both got peeled off the skin on hand/leg and our wounds will touch. it would be risk when wounds are activity bleeeding?
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Risks for HIV are:
1) Having unprotected penetrative anal or vaginal sex, OR
2) Sharing IV drug equipment with other IV drug users.

There is not sufficient blood exchange in a bicycle accident to cause transmission.  The ONLY way transmission would happen in an accident is if there were massive trauma wounds, to both parties, that required immediate life-saving medical intervention.  Your bicycle scenario is not even close to that.
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I mean if open wounds are rubbed into each other? Is still no risk?
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NO.  Please re-read my post.  I gave you the only two risks for HIV.  Anything else you can think of is not a risk for HIV.
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