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hiv through eye(need help)

guys... I am here again
because I read some professional documents
it says eye is still a way to get infected.........if you said I don't need to get test.. can you explain in detail?
then I will be released.....

please help..

about 3weeks ago, I was at bar with my friend(hiv+) ..and under treatment( but donno in detail)
in the middle of talk, he bit his inside of lips while eating, and I saw his blood near his mouth and he wiped that out
several times and kept going talk
and maybe 3~4mins after, when he talked to me , I felt something splashed in my eye and wiped that out immediately ,I am worried that was maybe blood from his lips while he talking..but the amount was less than a drop for sure. it also
can be saliva....or nothing. I am not sure ...

but.,,assuming that was blood..what is my risk? is it high? I need to get tested?
I am so petrified and freaked out now.
please please help me with accurate information
thank you in advance
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and now I have throat pain....is it relate to this?.....
I hate this feeling..
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You need not be worried from this. It was saliva, which does not transmit the virus.
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I am very sure he had blood in his mouth by chewing himself while eating
and we kept talking and suddenly I felt it...
but not sure what comes into my eyes( saliva or blood or mixed one)

ok then

IF it was a drop of hiv+ blood, Am i ok?

sorry to reask James.
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thank you first..

but can you tell me some reasonable reason?
because it was contacted with hiv+ blood....
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Saliva inactivaes the virus, not enough blood, didn't get into your eye...etc.
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