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just to be sure..i received unprotected oral sex from one guy that i dont know his hiv status..i did ejaculate in his throat(mouth)..after 5 weeks, i did rapid test and tested negative..the medical staf said that i should re test at 3 months to confirm..
how the possibilities i contract hiv from this exposure..i feel something wrong with my bodies at 11 weeks..please respond..tq
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The only ways HIV is spread are:
-Mother to child.
-Sharing needles to inject drugs.
-Unprotected anal/vaginal penetrations.

Receiving oral sex is not a risk, so no test was needed.

All the best.
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I agree that HIV is not transmitted via oral sex and you need no further testing.  
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hello there..today ive been doing my hiv and syphlis screening test..alhamdulillah, everything is negative..i hope the result is conclusive..tq for all the advise
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The test looks for the virus so it can only be negative since you had no risk. That is why everyone told you not to test.
yeah..just to ease my anxiety..tq for concern
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