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i am worried of possible exposure

my encounter was with a sex worker.we had protected sex.but there was blood on the condom.she cleaned the condom and gave me oral with condom and then without condom.what is my risk .if the sex worker was hiv+.what if blood trace went inside my pee hole.im from bahrain.i dont think bahrain has hiv cases.but im not sure though

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the situation that you are describing is NO risk.
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yeah I had a concern with that too... so far so good. I'm still nervous though. thank you
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i dont want to question u or something i just want to know like what makes oral sex less risky.how much amount of hiv is really needed to cause an infection.can a single hiv virus cause infection.
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the mouth (saliva) contains over a dozen different proteins and enzymes that render hiv inactive and unable to infect.

from the doctors here at medhelp:

There is no debate (among experts) about the HIV risks associated with oral sex.  The risk is so low that almost nobody who cares for HIV infected patients has ever had a patient believed to have been infected that way.  Among experts, it's a semantic issue about using terms like "no risk" and "very low risk".  There is no difference between my or Dr. Hook's use of "low risk" and other experts' "no risk".

"And oral sex is basically safe sex -- completely safe with respect to HIV and although not zero risk for other STDs, the chance of infection is far lower than for unprotected vaginal or anal sex.  Please educate yourself about the real risks.  If you stick with oral sex and condom-protected vaginal or anal sex, you have no HIV worries and very little worry about other STDs. "   DR HANSFIELD

"I am sure you can find lots of people who belive that HIV is transmitted by oral sex, but you will not find scientific data to support this unrealistic concern..."   DR HOOK

"HIV is not spread by touching, masturbation, oral sex or condom protected sex."- DR. HOOK

in the public HIV Prevention forum of MedHelp, TEAK and the other moderators maintain that oral sex in all forms is a zero risk activity. Would you agree with this assessment?  
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a meteorite could fall on your head too...it's "theoretically" possible
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You can't create any odds based on theroy because it is just that a theory. Stephan Hawking theorized that time travel is possible, yet no one is time traveling. Yes he did it with math that only he and a few others can understand...so unless you have the IQ of Hawking then there is no way to but mathmetical odds to theory.
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