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insertive vaginal with sex worker

The condom slipped whilst i was having sex with a sex worker in the UK. when we finished and  i panicked and she offered to comfort me by driving me to her GP and printing out herserology tests done 1 and half months before our encounter and everything was negative. Apart from this i have no other sexual encounters. Is this enough to rule hiv out completely? can i start having normal sex with my partner?
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Only the head needs protection and that happened, otherwise if it was so loose that it slipped off the head then the condom would have fallen off. You had no risk and need to move on.
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it did slip off . when we finished there was no condom to be seen . so i beleive there was an exposure
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Was it hanging out of her vagina? If so you would have been protected.
Likely she is negative because if she always uses a condom she can't have hiv. If her test was a duo it is conclusive at 4 weeks, but you didn't say what kind of test she had. No one here can determine that, so you will have to ask her doc or get her to tell you what test was used.But I think all UK uses duo, so you should be able to find that out easily.
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Thanks for your response.
when we finished  the condom was not on me neither  was it hanging out of her.. it had dissappeared somewhere inside her.. she showed me her hiv, hep B and hep C test results at the clinic where they printed it out for her whilst i waited . the date of the tests were 6 weeks prior to my exposure...

1-is this risk low enough to have sex with my partner?
2- what if she was in her window period? will that have a significant effect?

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Risk is low.

1. This whole ordeal for you right now is based on an "assumption" that she is HIV positive.

2. Her recent HIV negative result established 2 important things; she is concerned about her own safety and does not essentially engage in risky behavior. Her HIV result is a dated one and therefore she could possibly be in a window period (Big Assumption!).

3. HIV is fragile virus to transmit, for a FTM vaginal exposure, it is usually seen that it takes multiple episode of unprotected intercourse for transmission. From the information that you have provided us, it seems that you must have been unprotected inside of your partner for a brief period of time, that puts you at a risk.

Just get a Duo test at 28 days and move on. I foresee a negative.

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thanks for your reply. her tests were done 5 weeks before our encounter.
you  are right im worried that she might be in her window period , im having bad diaorhea and my mind is anxious.

She is negative because you cannot get hiv when you use a condom. She always uses the condom therefore she is negative. You are making up risks in your imagination that somehow she became positive, plus at this point you have already tested conclusively too. Move on, and perhaps see a therapist instead of wasting your life in agony worrying about some illogical fear that somehow hiv infected you.
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If the condom was inside of her (not sticking out), your penis head was probably covered. The risk, though, for a one time exposure like this less than 2 percent. VERY low. Agree with others that since there is a risk (very low though), you should have a duo test at 28 days.  Very unlikely that you got HIV from this.  I would personally not be overly anxious.  When you add in that she provided medical documents of her status to the best of her knowledge, that is further confirmation that you are not going to be positive. Test at 28 days to be sure.  
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He said it wasn't sticking out of her. "the condom was not on me neither  was it hanging out of her.. "
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i am also a circumsized male.

1-does that decrease my chances?
2- i  have a terrible diarhorea for 4 days now. i have just come back from India.
3- if i test using home testing kit at 4 weeks will that be even encouraging news?

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You seem to be very anxious and your own diagnosis of diarrhoea is not valid because you are not a medical professional. Also, your symptoms don't seem to be specific to HIV ARS, stop reading about HIV incessantly on the internet, you will imagine symptoms you read.

Your risk was very small and it's very unlikely that you would have contracted HIV from this event. You need to take a lab based IV Gen test at 28 days.
Diarrhea is very common in people who have severe anxiety, like yourself. I suggest you get treated for your anxiety in order to stop having these common symptoms of anxiety.
Thanks for your reply. i do not agree with you when you say stay off the internet and the reason is that there is some very good statistics in my favour. As last week i thought that any sexual contact with an hiv person means a definite infection, i also learned that in the UK the chances of a prostitute being positive is 0.012% .  so the internet has really helped me as i look at the science and the statistics.. Do not get me wrong i am slightly worried as i may be the one in a thousand that may of caught something. However she has provided me with her test results 6 weeks prior to our sexual contact. I have been a regular of hers and i see her in the gym most  days ... however i have a partner that i worry about incase i caught something and might infect  her... thanks again for your time ...
The only thing that can provide an answer is a test - nothing on the internet can say you are negative so the more you read the more you will worry.  There is plenty of worry in your post, so I also state that the first step to peace is to stop googling cold turkey, and stop examining your body cold turkey because none of what you read on the internet has any use in diagnosis. hiv docs can't diagnose from symptoms and neither can you.
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hi guys . i went for an std panel on friday . i am extremly terrified my results should come out next week.

  i have stomach upset for weeks and i have been extremly down with worry.

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You are confusing your anxiety issues with disease. She is likely neg otherwise why would she pay money for condoms? You even saw her negative result, but you keep talking about your fears as if you hadn't seen her result.
Reread all the advice instead of just talking about your fears and pretending your fear makes disease.
Try to relax until you get your test result, because you keep saying the same thing over and over here but your words do not make hiv appear from nowhere.
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hi guys ... i tested on 12/07 and i received results for bacterial infections all Negative... hiv and hep c have been taking over 9 days and i am panicking as the normal is 3 days... could this mean that they found something?
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You are confusing your anxiety issues with disease. The lab schedules when they can find time.
She is likely neg otherwise why would she pay money for condoms? You even saw her negative result, but you keep talking about your fears as if you hadn't seen her result.
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hi i have received results . negative at 28 days after exposure with 4th generation test.

am i out of the woods?

can i resume sexual intercourse with regular partner?

thanks so much for your help and advice
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Yes. I told you. Please put this worry behind and move ahead with your life.
Thank you mike.. they asked me to come back at the 12 week mark.

  Also for the past few days i have been having fever, night chills and diarrhea.

Thanks again
She is likely neg otherwise why would she pay money for condoms? You even saw her negative result.
You conclusively tested negative. There is no purpose in testing twice for the same disease.  Perhaps because you are so nervous they said to come back and do another test just to get you out of their office.
Any negative person like you can get those minor health complaints especially when they mistakenly think they have diagnosed hiv, so all you are proving is you have hiv phobia. Doctors cannot diagnose hiv from symptoms so you should stop trying to do that too.
You have tested conclusively negative and you don't need to test any more.

There is absolutely no doubt that the people who suggested you to come back for a final one at 12 weeks are either outdated on HIV testing window period or don't want to lose an opportunity over making one last bill from a ready customer.

At this point; if your own negative, negative presented to you by your sexual partner and the uncertainty of the exposure - whether you really had a risk of being unprotected is quite questionable can't reassure you, the correct way forward is to seek help.

Most people in your situation are suffering due to 'paranoia'. The most common reason for it is 'guilt'. Perhaps, only a professional will be able to help you from here to find out the original cause and suggest corrective actions accordingly.

We wish you good luck.
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