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is this HIV

Recently i have been diagnosed with genital herpes also a gonnhoria checked for HIV thats 1month after my infection and its non reactive it says after like 5 months i had unprotected sex with someone and notice something in the morning after a week or two im having discharge only in the morning its greenish so i assume its gonorrhea. i went to urologist and gave me medications one of them is doxycycline im wondering if i have HIV because my tongue is white is it because of the doxycycline? im taking it for about 2 weeks now as the doctors instruction twice a day, im still waiting for the end of the month to take my HIV test because my doctor said it needs to be 1 month after exposure
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Was it a duo test? Your first sentence is hard to figure out since it is really half a dozen ideas.
Symptoms aren't used to diagnose hiv, so only a test is useful.
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i was only tested for 1 time
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i was only tested for 1 time
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I will ask again. Was it a duo test also known as a 4th generation? Because if you don't know you have to call the lab to find out.
What is duo test can you explain it to me ? Sorry for being ignorant to this
It tests for Ab and ag so is called duo or combo or 4th generation - they re all the same thing.  
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HIV can not be diagnosed from symptoms, Testing is the only useful method, Antibiotics can cause oral thrush, I won’t worry about that but a test after the window period is appropriate since you had unprotected sex.
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How can i treat oral thrush then
And is it true that it needs to be 1 month after unsafe sex before i can check hiv
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Your best option is to get a IV Generation HIV test after 28 days from the date of your last exposure.

I agree with other members, symptoms don't mean any thing, only a test can tell.
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