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med student, needlestick?

Hello...had a question and would appreciate advice from anyone w/credible opinions/info...to sum up, I am a medical student, currently doing my peds rotation. Pretty much, just started and spent all day giving a bunch of vacciations (and granted, vaccinations and none of which I know/believe are infected w/bloodborne diseases, but still, concerned). For whatever reason, got a little anxious in the morning w/the needles (never bothered me before) and I started questioning/getting nervous if I accidentally stuck myself after withdrawing the needles from kids. I don't recall any specific moment/needlestick, but was going very quick in/out of rooms at one point, and realllllly hoping I just didn't have a stick or anything along those lines and didn't even rrealize it at the time.

I was really nervous after started getting this feeling after vaccines all day, so started checking my hands for "needlestick marks" or something like that...and found only a small, blanching mark on my left finger...which honestly, could have been an old mark, splinter, or something under skin, but now got freaked it was a needlestick I had/missed/whatever.

I guess my question is,

1. I have a history of MILD anxiety (w/o any mediciation, and not specifically hiv-related or anything like that, more school)...does this sound like just "anxiety"...if I was in fact stuck by a needle while performing vaccinations, I would of HAD to feel that,correct? Don't remeber anything specifically, but remember all of a sudden feeling anxious about a "needlestick"... It couldn't have just slipped my mind as i'm painting a horrible picture in my head...HAD to feel a needlestick, even in hand, right?
2. Could needlstick wound could possibly be bleedng (as mine was not), and would it leave a mark under the skin, that blanched as mine does?
3. Should I put this out of my mind, control the most likely culprit...anxiety...or is this even a real possible scenario (doing vaccines, needlework and not having an "incident" which sticks ou/you remember and having had a needlestick?

Don't want to have to ask teacher,superiors at clinic, especially if it just appars i'm anxious about starting/working w/needles and blood ec..., so would really appreciate any input/advice, thanks for time.
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Take it to the HIV Anxiety Support Group.
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appreciate your response, but just curious...does that mean you don't think I had an actual risk or this is just my nerves/anxiety (albeit, no history of hiv anxiety - which I am aware of the symptoms, possible cause here).

Thanks again for response...but just looking if it sounds like actual risk could have occurred.

All the best.
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forgot to add to last post to clarify...you recommend "hiv anxiety support group" because it sounds like an actual risk I need to address (anxiety due to that), or anxiety from diseases/hiv in general even though it doesn't sound like I had a risk.

Thats what I meant to clarify.

Thanks again.
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You never had a risk.
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