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most unique case


my case is a very unique one
i had sex with an intersex or hermaphrodite or thirdsex person who works as a prostitute, vaginal sex for the first time in my life. that person had a small penis like clit  n small opening. i had while standing for few mins then noticed condom break. i can assure u i may have been in her for 2 or 3 mins unprotected as the whole episode ended in 5 or 7 mins top. pulled out n ejaculated.
The intersex person assured me that it is safe and i wasnt in its body.

its been 15 days i noticed one genuine symptom a red patch on my left shin, clearly like a rash its not itchy but i am trying to make it itchy (lol) it could've been a musquito bite which i rubbed with a blade n then poured water from shower head for mins to make it itchy. no fever yet some ocassional body ache n sore throat but i started lemonade diet. expecting cold n fever as i am allergic to lemon.
do i need testing or am i good to go?
if i contract HIV from intersex..will i be the first n only case on planet earth???
any insight on this by any expert will be appreciated .

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Condom failure puts you at risk.  Have a 4th gen Duo test anytime after 4 weeks for a conclusive result.  Or a 3rd gen antibody test 7-8 weeks post.
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am i in serious risk?? should I have started nPEP next day????
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Pep has to be started with three days.

I would suggest fully that your result will come back Negative as HIV is actually quite hard to transmit.

I am sure you will be just fine, get to four weeks and forget about it.

Best Wishes

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can ARS symptoms occur after 23 days of exposure? i am having high fever, sore throat, muscle ache, cough and nose blockage..plz help
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