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I want to ask if the ECLIA test is a 4th generation combo test (checking antigen and antibody)? or only antibodies? Is the ECLIA test at week 4 conclusive, with little exposure?
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ECLIA is a method to detect antibody, it may or may not be combined with a p24 detection.

You need to go back to the lab and get the specification of the test or check your blood report, it should have details in it mentioning about p24 detection.

What was your 'little exposure'?
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vaginal sex with condoms that are still intact from beginning to end, no anal, oral or kissing. I was afraid so I tested it on week 4 of the results of Non-Reactive. can I trust this result and can I move on ??
You were not required to test since there was no exposure. Please see a therapist for your anxiety, HIV is not your problem.
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