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nude body massage & scared to death about symptoms

Scared to death after an episode at a erotic massage par lour... (my first & will be my last ever)
My worry started right from the day i had been to a massage par lour were i was given a nude body to body massage by adding some lotion(she was completely nude while i wore an underwear)
the episode was of a small duration(15mins) & after massage she gave me an hand job while i was fingering her it was a done in a couples of seconds after which i may have touched under my foreskin(Insertion / sex at all),then i took bath with no soap & had to wipe myself with the towel that she used and then i left the place.( this was my first such episode in my life) this happened on 1st of April 2012
ever since that day i have started to fear if i will b affected with hiv & iam leaving with this feeling since 5-6months now..
but very recently sine August i have these symptoms
1)Fungal infection in my back (groin) since this appeared iam not able to control my depression. i was prescribed a cream by a doc and it disappeared after applying & reappeared after a week and after i applied the cream its gone..
2)2weeks back there was smegma formation under foreskin its appears again n again even after wash .(i had not noticed this for many years as i used to see it few years back) i was worried to see this happen continuously for 1-2weeks then all of a sudden i started to notice small red bumps under my foreskin there are many and some have white colour in the end point. i also had herpes like pimples on my lips same time(this used to happen with before not regularly but i have a history of this appearing in me few times long back ).
3)I had several liquid filled small boils on my scalp for sometime & some red pimples like formation on several parts of my body and face which healed after a week.
4)I have lost 4-5kgs of weight since a month (Don't know if this can be due to my depression)
5)I feel little a bit of pain in my joints every now and then. Not too painful but still there is pain in all joints.
6) Both the sides of my neck have started to pain.
7)My throat is starting to get dried every now n then.
I never had sex before & and iam not exposed to any kind of drugs & stuff. I have lived a very healthy life till date.
All the above symptoms were noticed within a span of month
This was my first such experience & all the above symptoms are new to me.
I am totally depressed & not able to concentrate on anything as iam unmarried & come from a respected family.

anybody plz help me iam worried if the above symptoms are herpes or HIV or any other STD..
Iam scared to see a doctor as i wont be able to accept if iam diagnosed HIV
i have never had sex(protected/unprotected)
Iam anxiously waiting for a reply
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See your doctor if you are concerned. They have nothing to do with HIV.
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You never had an exposure.

HIV is unable to reproduce outside its living host (unlike many bacteria or fungi, which may do so under suitable conditions), except under laboratory conditions; therefore, it does not spread or maintain infectiousness outside its host.

HIV is transmitted by;
Unprotected penetrative anal and/or vaginal sex
Sharing works with other IV drug abusers
Mother to child
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but why are these symptoms what are they..
The red bumps are frequenting have you ever come across such a thing
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thank you for you reply & support..
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Please, if we were talking about HIV here we would all be infected. Not even close to being HIV..
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I got all the tests done but iam HIV1&2(Screening test) i dont know what this is but it has come back negative & this was done 6months post exposure.. but HSV1 is positive with ratio 2.46, that doc suggested genital warts were due to this, he has prescribed a tab since a week & the course is over for today.. but iam worried coz i never had any sexual contact apart from above, n even if HSV was there with me since a long time why did it show up now?? Mt throat is gettin dried up now a days n its red inside.. Iam worried again if i have to get tested for HIV again pl guide me, my worries have increased again..
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You have already been advised that you did not have a risk for HIV, so you cannot possibly have HIV.  Please do not ask again, because you absolutely did not get HIV from the experience you described.  This forum is to ask about risk for HIV, and that question has already been answered.

If you have concerns about other medical issues, including HSV, you may ask questions in the appropriate forums.  But please note that if you bring up HIV in any other forum, your posts may be removed.
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