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please save me!!

Hi doctor...i want to go straight as this...30 days back I had unprotected sex with a massage parlour but i didnot ejaculate inside hers.....m ashamed of this....but i asked her whether she has HIV she said NO and asked me if I m not convinced then can go for a test 2 days after the encounter i started feeling weak..as i didnt sleep throughout that trip i felt really tired rite after 2 days.....legs started paining....no fever...no rash...a swollen lymph node just like pea but no visible from outside..and for that i feel a pain in my right neck...dont know what is happening...the only symptoms i have as of now is a swollen lymph node pea sized..and leg pain and neck pain......I had done a TRIDOT test for Antibody at 31days and it came negative......this was the first time i had a sex..with someone....and it lasted only for 2-3 mins....i did only vaginal sex and ejaculated outside...she claimed she doesnt have HIV...but i cant believe her...if that was the case why i feel tired and y neck is paining???i feel depressed now...please please please help me TRIDOT and ELISA test are all the same???can I rely on 31 days TRIDOT test???i feel like dying...what are my chances of getting HIV....i cry everyday..i`ll never ever repeat this in my life...NEVER.....please help
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no need to be ashamed.  just make sure to wear condoms.  

your odds of contracting hiv from this single episode is very low.
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I am not an expert like the others, but have been through the phase that your are going through.
The odds are in your favour that you did not contract HIV in the above mentioned episode.
My rationale is this
Chances of the massage parlor girl being HIV + 1in 100.
Chances of contracting in one exposure 1 in 2000
Chances that it did not show up in the 4 weeks test 1 in 10

So the odds are 1 in 2,000,000.

For your peace of mind I would suggest you get a conclusive test at 3 months expecting it to be negative.
hope this helps
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