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please save my life

Dear sir please don’t ignore me , recently 3 weeks back in pattaya I (male) had sex with a prostitute
,I was completely blind at that time even though I am educated person I didn’t have any thaught of risk of hiv at that time , first she gave oral sex to me unprotectedly for 2 min then had with condom vaginal sex, after again had oral sex unprotectedly ,I didn’t know that oral sex also risk for hiv, this was the first biggest mistake in my life that I have ever not done in my life because of this I am weeping every day,
1) sir my question is whether now  I have to check or not ,or its after 3 months
2) do I have any prophylaxis treatment should take now?
3) Is oral sex risk for hiv
4) after 3 weeks I had severe headache is this sign of seroconversion
Please help me I am very grateful to you , as you are doing very great work and giving re life to people like us. Once again my sincere request to you give reply , please don’t ignore me, otherwise I become a mad…… please please…
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2...you had no risk
3...No, oral sex does not transmit hiv

NOTHING that you have described put you at risk for hiv.
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those symptoms are due to your anxiety
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zero risk..
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