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plz answer me

2 months ago i had a protected anal sex. Im a gay guy and i am very careful, however during the intercourse the condom broke. Neither of us felt that it was broken. I assume it was broken for less than 25-30 seconds. I was the bottom. I asked him so many times about his hiv status he always say that he is negative. I dont trust him because we met on a gay website.

According to your knowledge or experience would he lie about his hiv status if he was asked so many times?

Afterward he masturbated me using the same hand that touched his penis using a new lube (vaseline) that was mixed with the lube on his hands from his penis. And when i masturbated him he came all over my hand and body, what is my hiv risk?
Please answer. Thank you
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I can't tell you if someone would lie or not, no one could.

You had a risk from unprotected anla sex. Test at 8 weeks.
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Vance2335 thanks for answering me.
The guy said he tested negative one month before we met. Assuming he was negative, is it possible for me to get hiv from him?
And please tell me about the risk from the masturbation part.
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No risk from masterbation.

How can you get something if someone doesn't have it to give?
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As i said before because i met him on a gay website i dont trust him.
I will do oraquick at week 12. However, i want to ask as well if ordering oraquick through ebay is fine? Or if the test results might become inaccurate since it is ordered from ebay. In my country oraquick is not sold in the pharmacies, i could only get it from ebay.
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See a Dr at a clinic or office for a test.
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Why, is oraquick not good enough? Or inaccurate?
Test at a clinic takes alot of time to get back results. Between 2-4 weeks.
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Because I am not going to tell you to order something from ebay
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I will do a blood test. I think it is better.
But is there anything can influence or affect the results? I take multivitamin and protein powder.
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When does the ars sypmtoms show up? Most people say ars symptoms starts to show 2 weeks after the event.. for how many weeks a person could still show ars symptoms?
And does all the symptoms come together at the same time?
2 weeks after the event i got the flu, and sore throat than 2 days later i got muscle ache and backache.
1 month after the event i got oral thrush. Now two months after i have some itchy body parts. No rash or red spots.
Are these ars symptoms?
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ARS-2-4 weeks, but symptoms are never a good indication either way. Symptoms are useless to even think about.
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Thank you vance2335.
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Today i went to my doctor. I told him my whole story. He said there wasnt any risk to get hiv because it is hard to get if there was no semen or blood that entered inside me immediately and fresh. Even if there was a short time of sexual intercourse or if condom broke it is not a risk since he did not ejaculate in me. He also said that my symptoms arent an ars, and that the hiv symptoms is more complicated than what we know.
Is this true?
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You have two options. Take his advice and move on. Or, go to a clinic and get tested.  Next steps are up to you.
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Midnight sun thank u for ur reply. Ill take his advice and move on.
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Hello. Im back. It turned out that all my symptoms are because of sinus infection. My doctor gave me to take antibiotics.
Does sinus infection has anything to do with Hiv? And does antibiotics has any affect on testing for hiv?
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No.Your sinus infection does not have anything to do with HIV. I feel like you are still questioning the possibility of your risk.

In your case I would recommend testing, and not because I disagree with your physician, but because I think you will benefit greatly from knowing your status.

Any blood based HIV lab test will be conclusive at this point. Or, if you want to wait another 4 weeks you can test using an oral swab test.
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Thank you midnight.
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