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possible hiv exposure, freaking out

So my story is that a girl (who does this a lot, a couple times a day) used a strap-on on me.  She put a condom on the strap-on, and washed it afterwards, and said she washed it before.  But I'm just concerned because she's involved in sexual activities a few times a day, possible there was some semen on the lube bottle and somehow found it's way into my rear.  Or maybe she didn't was the strap-on well enough.
The main reason for my concern is that about 10 days after this I got kind of sick, and I know you're supposed to get sick about 1-2 weeks after coming into contact with HIV.  The 9th night I woke up feeling kind of nauseous, and had to go to the bathroom a little.  But I tried to ignore it and went to sleep about 15 minutes later.  Then the next day I just felt foggy all day.  I didn't have much of an appetite and was slightly tired and slightly dizzy and had a little of an upset stomach.  Then around dinner I ate my first solid meal and felt better.  This was only 15 days ago, and I know rapid hiv tests take a few months to be accurate, and I'm just kind of freaking out in the meantime.
So am I paranoid or is this a legit concern?  What should I do about testing?
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You have not had an HIV risk
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No risk at all.
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