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should i get PEP

This Monday morning at 2 am i performed oral sex on a guy that from what i hear is HIV positive. He used a condom while I performed oral on him but im worried about his ejaculate. I know the disease goes through mucus membranes. I had my eyes closed but some semen got onto my lashes and that inner part where crust in your eyes forms in the morning. Also some semen got on the top of one nostril which is also a mucus membrane. Im worried I contracted the virus through my nose or eyes or both. Now the eye that was touched by the ejaculate is irritated. Not read but i woke up feeling itching it and feeling crust that forms from pink eye around it.  Please experts help.
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You never had an exposure.
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Really? I was told by a dr. To get pep consideration anyway. I appreciate your
swift response.
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Kirstie_MHModerator Feb 06, 2014
We can't tell you what to believe, but we can tell you that our forums aren't a venue for debate over our stance that oral sex carries no risk for HIV.  Our stance will not change unless we receive definitive scientific evidence to the contrary.
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Im sorry if i sound like im beating a dead horse. Im confident that the oral part wasnt a risk but its the ejaculate in my fave i worry about. I saw this from drm Hook as well

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