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shower pipe

hi yesterday i had shower and tip of my penis accidentally touch the shower pipe.

1. what if someone who has hiv and touch their semen vaginal fluid or blood on the pipe before me?

can you get hiv this way also if you share shower with people you dont know of their status

i didnt have sex or used needle just to let you know previous to my test

im so scared

my two brothers are telling me you cant get it are they telling the truth

thank you for your time

i appreciate it
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hiv is transmitted through...
unprotected vaginal / anal intercourse
sharing iv drug works
mother to child

hiv is NOT transmitted through environmental surfaces or inanimate objects.  once exposed to air, it becomes inactive and unable to infect

you had NO risk
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thank you for your reply

my penis tip feels itchy after touching the shower pipe from yesterday and it looks like i couldnt sleep from it last nigh  

should i not worry about it or should i seek medical attention

thank you
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If your concerned about something see a Dr but it has nothing to do with HIV.
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