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some questions

Hello everybody,how are you, I hope well, first excuse for my bad english, my situation is that I had unprotected vaginal sex (I am a man) with a woman who is not prostitute but I don’t know her serostatus, the truth is the first and only relationship I had, immediately (a few hours) after this relationship gave to me balanitis (I don’t know its name in English) (that was a very strong relationship), the med heal that at 3 days, then I started thinking about the possibility of having contracted HIV because I am afraid this much, my questions are the following:

1 I understand what the window period is 3 months, but it is true that this period is an exaggeration?, I read that the CDC said that the period is from 2 to 8 weeks with an average of 21 days, I want to know your opinion on the matter, because of the medhelp Doctors say that 6 weeks is a conclusive proof.

2 What difference exists between the effectiveness of a elisa generation of 4 and 3 generation? which is the average window period with these tests?

3 I don’t know if you are no experts in technology issues in HIV tests, but wondered if you know which generation Elise processing machine AXSYM of Abbot.

4. probability that I can contracted HIV because a single casual exposure (vaginal) with a woman of unknown serostatus (not prostitute).

5. It beforehand that the probability of infection in a single exposure is very low but is posible, but wondered if you have known cases of infection after a single relation (exposure).

6. It is true that co-infection with diseases such as hepatitis lengthens the window period, if so how long it extends , what  diseases lengthen the period of window.

7. Today I find myself in the day 69 after that exposure, plans to make another elisa to 84 days (3 months), I test HIV test ag / ac after 33 days and gave nonreactive, I know that it is not conclusive, but what do you think about the reliability of this test?

8. Also, the symptoms of ARS, is that these are not sufficient to diagnose HIV, I want to tell that sometimes I felt hot, but I have not had a fever, yesterday and the day before yesterday I had a sore stomach, and 3 weeks ago as I had neck stiffness and headache, if ars that are so common these symptoms?

9. the fever of ars is much strong?, which are the most common symptoms of ars? these symptoms are presented separately or together? in that time frame are these symptoms?

10. In general what are your predictions in my test results in 3 months

Thank you in advance everyone for your responses, a hug to everyone. And congratulations on the good work that you do. And excuse me for my bad english

PS: please send me good luck, and if you are believers please include me in your prayers
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There is no way of calculating the probability of infection with HIV, you need to test at 3 months post exposure. Infection with hepatitis or any other disease will not affect the window period for HIV infection - it's still 3 months. Symptoms are meaningless when it comes to diagnosing HIV infection.
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ok i understand, im not questioning about calculating the probability of infection nor my simptoms, im questioning about from your experiences and  knowledge, my questions are:

you have known cases of infection after a single exposure (no calculating my risk, only if you know).

and i not talking about my simptoms, the other question is the ars symptoms are presented separately or together? in what time frame are these symptoms?

and the last question is, you know people that have negative 6 week tests and 3 month positive tests, (this isn´t calculating my risk only if you know)

Thanks, Please Excuse me if I caused any inconvenience, I hope that you answer my questions, thanks
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You can never go by symptoms in diagnosing HIV. A lot of people infected never had ARS. If one does they come 2-4 weeks post exposure and last 1-2 weeks they come all at once and leave all at once.
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