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swollen glands after unprotected sex

I was also exposed to the same to HIV when i took a silly decision to indulge without protection and it was just for about 10 seconds before i came back to my senses and stopped. All was well until after about 2 weeks had passed...i started having body pains, fever, headaches and all those weird feelings in my body and swollen glands on my neck and jaws. I was so scared that i asked the girl to go to clinic first because she also experienced some funny illness and itchiness on her vagina. She went to the clinic and they told her she had Chlamydia but they never tested her. She was put under medication. I also went to the clinic and was given Chlamydia medication...the pains became better but would feel them here and there. I stressed myself so much and 1 day i realised i had like 2 scratches on my penis (maybe it was all in my mind) but the following day it was gone. i decided to go for an hiv test (the one that tests for antibodies)bout 2 months after exposure and came out negative. The other pains disappeared but the swollen glands kept on and at times the head of my penis has this burning pain and there feels like there is something burrowing in my scrotum and testicles but the pain only occurs for a few seconds and goes quiet. So i decided to go for full STI profile test including HIV (2 and half months after exposure) but all came negative. On the same day i tested i asked the Doc to examine me and he said the glands look like tonsils and the fever could just be flu...he prescribed me some antibiotics and pain killers. The glands never disappeared, they itch sometimes, and at times i can even feel the tickling as if something is inside my jaws...and at times it feels like a lump on my neck. I am so much worried about this neck glands and don't know what to do. Now am waiting for the girl to go test for HIV so i know if the results of my two tests were right. Am so scared>>>what could these lymph swelling be?????
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3 months is fully conclusive
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Thanx hey...so u suggest I go back for another HIV test at the 3month mark? I wwent back to my doctor to get an explanation of the negative results and the medical jargon on the results sheet... He explained that I have 0.2 on Chlamydia IgG which he said was normal since my girlfriend had Chlamydia. But he said its nothing to worry about since I had already gone through the medication.

Syphilis came negative of any anti-bodies.
Gonorrhea also came negative.

Herpes Simplex Virus came negative for HSV type 1 and 2 IgM...and also negative for type 2 IgG. But HSV type 1 IgG was positive which he said again it's nothing to worry about as almost everyone has it, the one whiich may give us sore on our mouth when we have fever and flu. He also said the positive result was suggestive of a past infection with HSV1...and a possibility of having born with it...but he said again it's nothing to worry about.
HIV test for type 1 and 2 4th generation also came negative and he said the test was an antigen/antibody combination assay which reduces the window period.
So he said the swollen glands are probably part of the body-fighting-infection process which should heal over time.
Could this mean that the Chlamydia iis still in my body or what??
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3 months post exposure is when you can obtain your conclusive negative test result.
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