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thrush after oral sex

I performed oral sex on female sex worker and she did also perform oral on me. A few days later i noticed i had whitish tongue and mild sore throat. The whitish substance and sore throat were gone after more than a week.

What are my risks for hiv?
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Oral sex is NOT a risk for HIV. You do not need to test.

While oral sex is not a risk for HIV, it is a risk for other STD's. It is recommended for anyone who engages in oral sex to have an STD panel done every three months for prevention.

Even though your visible symptoms are gone, I would recommend you have an STD panel done to be safe.
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Are open wounds susceptible to hiv transmission too? I might have some insect bites and some sxratches during this activity... thanks for yout quick reply
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I am going to make a comment here. No matter if you have bleeding gums, ulcers really makes no difference at all maybe 0.0000001 of a difference and those are the numbers we deal with when we talk about oral sex and possible exposure. Doctors don't recommend testing after any oral sex encounter ejaculation or not

HIV requires a direct route to the bloodstream. It isn't like most people perceive as a super virus, it's actually one of the weakest virus' known to man and the mouth kills virtually every living HIV cell and any cell that isn't killed by the mouth is killed by the acids in your esophagus and stomach.

The only reason why HIV testing should be warranted is if you simply cannot move on. Also remember symptoms mean nothing absolutely nothing. And when people experience HIV symptoms they are bad. Body covering rash. Sever sore throat to the point you can't drink water and an extremely high fever 101-102 degrees Fahrenheit. if symptoms are present you will knwo. So put down the professional grade microscope and stop watching your body for every change your body does this naturally.

Anxiety is real, guilt is real and anxiety side effects are real. Relax and move on with your life
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You had no risk and do not need to test.
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